I received the B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Basrah (UB)in 2000,and received the M.Sc. degree from UB in 2003 and received the Ph.D. from UB in 2011.
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heat transfer
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My research interest includes, direct contact heat transfer-Condensation and evaporation, renewable energy fields.

1- 3rd International Scientific Conference, F.T.E, 20-21/2/2013,tech. Collage, Najef, Iraq.
Numerical study of the direct contact evaporation of multi drops in an immiscible liquid''
2- 3rd International Scientific Conference, F.T.E, 20-21/2/2013,tech. Collage, Najef, Iraq.
Reduce Noise Pollution Of Small Generators'
3- BICME,2014,(8-10/4/2014).- First Basra International Conference for the mechanical engineering
Experimental study of direct contact evaporation refrigeration system',
4- Fifth International Scientific Conference of the science of sports, training and physiology, March,3, 2014
After physical effort on the pressure curve-and the size of the heart muscle and some functional variables.

1-(Basra University Journal for engineering science, April 2015).
Numerical investigation for enhancement heat transfer for internally finned tubes using CFX program'.
2-(Thi-Qar University Journal for engineering science,10, 2016.
Experimental Study of Direct Contact Evaporation Refrigeration System Using R-12.

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(1) Thermodynamics, (2011-2013)
(2) Engineering Analysis
(3) mathematical, (2012-2013)
(4) industrial engineering, (2004-2011)
(5) air condition and refrigeration, (2004-2005)
(6) Mechanical drawing, (2004-2005)
(7) Engineering drawing,(2005-2006)
(8) Heat transfer, (2014-2015)
(9) Mechanical Engineering